Being raised in Seattle, WA, I was lucky enough to have lived in a very musical household. I fondly recall coming home from school to the wonderful sounds of my Mother playing her piano or accordion. This spawned a passion for music that has only grown over the years, starting with piano lessons at the age of 7.

My true desire was to own a drum set, though it wasn't quite feasible at the time. Instead, I would bang on buckets and random things around the garage, or pound my hands at the dinner table to the point of driving my Mother insane. To pacify the situation, she bought me a Radio Shack electronic drum set one Christmas during the late 80's. I was ecstatic, even if it was made from cheap plastic, it somewhat filled the need until I finally was able to acquire a real kit for $400 from a neighbor. Starting in my teens, I picked up interest in guitar, bass, mandolin, accordion and basically any thing else that could produce a sound.

Here I am years later and nothing has changed, except for the fact that I now annoy my wife instead of my mother by tapping my hands on the dinner table. Though I never became a virtuoso with any particular instrument, in no way should it stop a person from their desire to create music. Therefore, I continue to record, play and learn.

An interest in recording started at a young age as well, the moment that I realized that "multitracking" was possible with two old portable tape recorders. If you recorded onto one tape, you then could play it back while recording onto the second tape, along with my little Casio synthesizer or whatever was nearby. I wouldn't call it quality material, but it did start a passion for analog (and now digital) recording gear. Currently I use a combination of both.

I now reside on acreage in a rural community, just miles from the Olympic National Forest, with an incredible wife and two lovely children, all of whom encourage and support my obsession. My wife and I run a web and graphic design business from our barn, Grounded Designs. Thanks for reading!

- Erik