November 4th, 2009 by Erik

Had to blow the dust off this one too, recorded in 08, though it will be on the new album. Special thanks to my lovely wife for providing the vocal tracks, my voice just isn’t that pretty. And no, freebase is not a drug reference. Are you allowed to start a sentence with “and”? For some reason I don’t think so, oh well. Hope you guys enjoy it!


Drinking From The Glass Boot

November 2nd, 2009 by Erik

Another one from the upcoming Cambium Layer album. You can take a boy out of the country, but you can’t take the country out of the boy. Well, something like that.

Drinking From The Glass Boot

King Missile – Sensitive Artist

October 29th, 2009 by Erik

Just came across a King Missile cd in my collection, haven’t listened to it for quite a while. They have to be the most hilarious band of all time, John S. Hall’s lyrics are pure genius. Oddly enough, I was looking for a link before I posted this song and found their Myspace Page, which just happened to feature Sensitive Artist on their playlist. It was meant to be.

“I stay home, reading books that are beneath me, and working on my work, which no one understands.”

A Stove Would Be Nice

October 28th, 2009 by Erik

I’ve been working on a complete different mix of this song, but it’s taking more time than I thought. In the meantime, here’s the older version. Enjoy, or hate.

A Stove Would Be Nice

Detektivbyrån – Om Du Möter Varg

October 22nd, 2009 by Erik

Since Halloween is approaching, I had to share this video from Detektivbyrån, a trio from Sweden. This could easily complement a Tim Burton film, kind of mysterious/almost creepy…yet performed in such a beautiful way. These guys are really onto something, completely original, complete musical geniuses.

Danny Barnes – How to make a living playing music

October 20th, 2009 by Erik

Danny Barnes, one of my favorite modern day banjo players, wrote this great article about what one could expect if they wanted to make a living from music. A must read for any aspiring musician, this is really good stuff. The article starts with three pre-conditions:

1. if you are a very materialistic person, skip this article, i don’t think you are going to like what it says.

2. if you don’t have the music where you want it art-wise, you might want to go work on that, this article isn’t going to help you much either. you will be better off by practicing and studying and working on your music instead. you will need to get the art pretty close to where you want it, before you should worry about making much of a living out of it.

3. determine if you are actually called to be a musician. if you aren’t called, all the gyrations in the world, won’t make it work. if you are called, no matter what you do, it’s going to work. this determination will solve most of the problems you are going to encounter.

Click here to read the rest of the article
, it’s quite sobering to say the least.


October 19th, 2009 by Erik

This one has been sitting on the hard drive for a while. Recorded in ’08, right after I received my Great Grandfather’s violin. I think it took around 15 attempts to get 3 decent sounding notes out of the thing. Only if I had the time for lessons. One day, one day.



October 17th, 2009 by Erik

Another new/old tune recorded a couple of years ago when the new studio was just being built. Found a free piano at an old church that I was more than happy to adopt. It took 6 of us to lift it into a truck…I’m guessing this is why you see free pianos everywhere.


Old Joe Clark

October 10th, 2009 by Erik

Finally, a cover tune, though it’s a bluegrass tune played by a non-bluegrass artist. This was recorded around the time I purchased my Mid-Mo A-Style mandolin, which was also around the time that I was taking mandolin lessons from Matt Sircely. I’d place this tune in the psuedo-grass category. Regardless, I hope it’s enjoyed for what it is.

Old Joe Clark

Dead Dogs Two – Boards of Canada Remix

October 2nd, 2009 by Erik

I have to say it, Boards Of Canada have set the bar when it comes to remixing a song. In this day and age, you cannot simply add a new drum track and perhaps a few effects here and there for a quality remix. You really do need to add your own feel, vibe, style, whatever you want to call it.

The original by cLOUDDEAD deserves much credit in it’s own, they have reinvented the way I have perceived hip-hop, though BOC takes this song to a completely new level. I have much respect to both. Finally, the animation by wobbllylobster took this song to even a higher level. My thanks to all three for this gem. I predict this tune/animation shall go down in history.

Boards of Canada version:

cLOUDDEAD version:

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