A Tribute to The Police

April 1st, 2010 by Erik

I grew up listening to The Police, we all did. Well, anyone born before 1980 did as The Police were pretty much everywhere. However, it took the influence of my good friend Bissy to get me to really “listen to” and appreciate the musicians. With that said, Stewart Copeland has to be one of the most original drummers in existence (gotta pay respect to the traditional grip as well), his accents are so subtle, yet so solid. Andy Summers, sweet, sweet chords, yet so dissonant during the rare solo…and Sting has a bass/vocal sound like no other. I’ll admit that I haven’t listened to The Police for some time, but I just came across some live footage and it was beyond refreshing, rejuvenating even. They were original, period. Being able to mix pop music with quality musicianship is a feat on it’s own, I can name only a few other bands that have done the same. It really makes one wonder what has happened to “pop” music these days.

Spirits in the Material World

Roxanne – 1979 (check the end, how often do you get to see Exit Stage Left?)

Message In A Bottle – First Live Performance of the song

Sweet Live Footage – Quality is lame, footage is fantastic

Driven To Tears

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  1. Rubin O. Wits Says:

    Glad you came to appreciate them more earnestly. The guitar solo on the album version of Drive to Tears is just manic. You must scope it out if’n you already haven’t. They were a great band that imploded to due inflated egos. Sting became Stink. Ye.

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