Anita O’Day – 1958 Newport Jazz Festival

April 26th, 2010 by Erik

A good friend of mine just turned me on to this awesome footage of Anita O’Day at the 1958 Newport Jazz festival, filmed by the amazing photographer Bert Stern. She was the epitome of a woman: beautiful, classy and cool. I love the way Bert Stern was able to capture the audience “in the moment” so to speak, this is cinematography at it’s best. You can tell that some of them just don’t get it, others are like “Aaaaawww Yeaaaah”. Awesome footage indeed. The clip features two songs:

Sweet Georgia Brown: I have never heard a version quite like this, her rhythm and movements just floor me.

Tea For Two: Sweet bop stuff. Again…pay attention to the timing. I love the way some folks in the audience are moving their heads around, just diggin’ it, while others have nothing but a blank stare. You have to love the mix of the Beat Generation with average middle class folks…with a pastor? Good stuff, hope you enjoy it.

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  1. Mike Tarrani Says:

    Plenty of Anita here:

    Enjoy Jazz on a Summer’s Day here:

  2. Erik Says:

    Thanks for the links Mike, great stuff!

  3. robbie Says:

    If you like Anita in Jazz on a Summer’s Day …you will LOVE her more in the doc that I made on her life. She is electric, gorgeous, charming and very funny…but most of all a true American Master!

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